Thursday, December 17, 2009


Upon first moving to New York, I had very cynical feelings towards the fact that a too large percentage of jokes told in the stand-up scene consisted of "Check out this weird thing I saw on the train...". But as redundant of a premise as it is, my thirty day passes have revealed that the subway is consistent fodder for material. While most of America roles home with no nuance other than the occasional deer sighting or car accident, tonight on my commute I met an alien from outer space who plays the saxophone.
A man walked into the train, with a wool hat, with wool antennae, shouted, "Ladies and gentlemen, I am an alien from outer space, sent to your planet, to play the saxophone."
He then proceded to play the saxophone, with the conviction that someone who found a saxophone a couple weeks ago would have. The melody was akin to the noise 8bit Nintendo games made when you ran out of guys and your game was over. Perhaps that was the equivalent of 'Stairway to Heaven' in his galaxy. His 5 second musical number was then repeated over and over until he ran out of breath. With my stop coming up, I decided to interact with our celestial visitor, knowing that it would be awkward and that the Graham stop would save me.
"Excuse me, but are you really an alien?"
"Yes, I am an Extra Tellestial."
"An Extra Tellestial huh?"
"That's right, I'm from Nooden Arenean Lanton."
I loved that his planet, had a middle name.
"Let me ask you something, what does an alien like yourself, want with my 'Earth money'?"
He then thought about it, hard for about thirty seconds, before coming up with
"To buy stuff while I'm on Earth."
"Like souvenirs and stuff? Wow, you know what, what you just said, was perfectly logical, Here's a couple bucks. Of course. You gotta buy stuff while you're on Earth. You know, for a second, I thought you were just crazy."
My Graham stop was approaching, I thought our interaction was over, but he had more.
"Thank you, it is very kind to be kind to a visitor, you will benefit from this, and never see things the same way again."
At this point I prayed to the god of Nooden Arenean Lanton, that that didn't mean he was about to gouge my eyeballs.
"And now I will summon the power of my people and pass a power on to you."
He then concentrated very hard and shot his hand forward as if he was a sorcerer throwing a fire ball. I asked him what power he was giving me, but he was real vague. Something about the secret of the elders. I would have probed more but Graham had arrived, and I was hoping to get out of there before I found out the power he had bestowed upon me, was that I now had bedbugs.
And as I left my intergalatic friend, I realized that that interaction, is the precise reason that I moved to New York; the city of tellestials.

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